Waterfall Virje photo trip

Bad Morning / Slabo jutro

It seemed like a bad weather day ahead us, but nothing can stop a car of full of positive people looking for a new photo adventure! We have decided to take a close look at one of numerous waterfalls Slovenia offers so here goes a beautiful waterfall Virje near Bovec.

Apparently bad weather doesn’t like us, so we had a day full of sunshine and made some pretty awesome photos. Take a look!

Waterfall Virje / Slap Virje - Bovec

Waterfall Virje / Slap Virje - Bovec

Waterfall Virje / Slap Virje - Bovec

Sunset on Nanos / Son─Źni zahod z Nanosa

Here are a few steps to make photos of waterfalls look just like ours!

  • Always use a tripod or place the camera on the floor; make it stable or photos will look shaky!
  • Set timer value between 1/40 and 5 seconds. Longer timers are not required because they make too much of blur effect.
  • Adjust aperture value to make picture well-lit. Value is always different but it will often be around f/22.
  • If there is still too much light and photos too bright, use ND filters to reduce light source. Sometimes polarisation filters can also help.
  • For perfectly sharp photos use remote control or self timer.
  • Be creative, change positions, settings and lenses!