Spring is coming back

…and so is my blog!

You know the moment when you can do whatever you want again? When the sudden burst of motivation kicks in?  The vibe is good and weather is like a strong magnet? Yep, this is spring!

And this is also time for long dog walks in the nature. You can obviously tell dogs are becoming my lifestyle. And it’s kinda awesome. Dogs bring the sunshine even on the saddest days.  And participate in making best memories as well.

Can you look at those two photos above? Aren’t they gorgeous? And they also show simple joys that a dog can bring into your life.

After all I need to say one BIG THANK YOU to best Anja Troha who is a professional canine photographer I know. She gave me a lot of inspiration for my photos lately.

Lets not forget about one tip for better canine photography. Try to isolate your dog. Find a clear background to make him/her the main subject of the picture. You can also help yourself with wide open aperture as I did.